Extending the Story

Extend the story of I Can Do It! through activities related to the story. As you read the book with preschoolers, use these activity ideas with your Mission Friends® to continue learning about the concepts in the book.

  • Cut large paper into the shape of a church. Place the paper on a painting easel. Read pages 8–9 and ask preschoolers: Why do we come to church? 
    Encourage preschoolers to paint people on their church-shaped paper.

  • Read pages 10–11 and talk about how Meiying invited a friend to church. Have preschoolers make invitations to invite others to church. Use the invitation idea in You’re Invited! Ask preschoolers to give the invitation to a friend.

  • Make your own I Can Do It! book for your preschool class. For a big book, use 12-by-18-inch construction paper for the pages. Ask preschoolers: What are ways you can help others? 
    Write their responses, one on each page. Let preschoolers illustrate the pages. Compile the pages into a book, and place it in the Books area of the classroom for preschoolers to read and re-read. Add pages to the book as preschoolers think of others ways they can help others.

  • Look up Chinese symbols on the Internet, and print several symbols in large size for preschoolers to copy. Make a writing station in your classroom with blank paper, pencils, pens, and markers. Point out the Chinese symbols in I Can Do It! Use the pronunciations at the bottom of the pages to practice saying the words. Encourage preschoolers to write Chinese symbols by copying those printed out.

  • Read I Can Do It! with preschoolers before they do a Helping Others activity to prepare and talk with them about how they will help and show God’s love to others. Read the book after doing a Helping Others activity to lead preschoolers in conversation about ways they helped another person.

  • Use Bible thoughts related to helping others, such as Do not forget to do good and to share with others (see Heb. 13:16). Other Bible thoughts are listed on page 29 in I Can Do It!

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