Checklist for the New Year


With the arrival of a new year, this is a good time to make sure you have everything you need to teach Mission Friends. Even if you have a supply cabinet or resource room for teaching supplies, you’ll want to check off this list every week. Make sure to keep plenty of the things on this checklist stored up and ready to use!

___ Clear containers of love for the Lord.

___ Tubs full of prayer.

___ Reams of love for preschoolers.

___ A bottle full of a heart for missions.

___ Jars of patience.

___ ŸBaskets of flexibility.

Ÿ___ Containers of fun.

___ Boxes of listening skills.

___ Packages of care.

___ A full roll of enthusiasm.

___ A pack of discipline skills.

___ Bags of teamwork.

___ Buckets of smiles.

Before every Mission Friends session in this new year, take stock of all of these supplies. You, as the teacher, make the biggest difference in your Mission Friends class. The items on this list are so much more important than all the glue and construction paper you could ever have for your classroom. And each item above is easily replenished as you teach by serving the Lord with a willing heart.

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