Celebrate Week of the Young Child


Our most precious resources are our preschoolers! Full of life and energy, they are worth celebrating. Week of the Young Child is observed nationwide on April 8–12 as a time to draw attention to preschoolers as our youngest learners. The theme for this year is Step It Up. Let’s step it up by planning to do at least one thing during Week of the Young Child to celebrate preschoolers.

  • Trace your preschoolers’ footprints on various colors of construction paper. Cut out the footprints, and write the child’s first name on his or her footprints. Tape these on the floor or wall of the hallway in your preschool area, or place them across a bulletin board. Church members will be able to see the names of preschoolers who are growing toward God as they grow in missions.

  • Involve preschoolers in doing a Helping Others activity during that week. Suggestions are offered in Mission Friends Leader, page 26, for Threes and Fours to make a giant thank-you card for the pastor. Kindergartners will bring toiletry items for hospital patients, and your kindergartners can decorate bags and assemble the items to distribute to patients. For more ideas for Helping Others activities, use Big Enough to Help Others.

  • Highlight preschoolers’ families by having them make a poster about their families. Ask parents to bring a photo of their family. Glue the photo to poster board, and write ____’s Family beside the photo. Let each child tell something about his or her family, and write this on the poster. You might prompt preschoolers with questions: What does your family like to do together? How does your family help one another? How do you show love to one another?

  • Record preschoolers singing the Mission Friends song. Play the recording in a church service, and highlight ways your preschoolers are learning about missions. Be sure to get parent permissions for preschoolers to be recorded on video. Share your recording on the Mission Friends Facebook page

  • Simply go outside and blow bubbles! If weather permits, take your preschoolers outside and let them blow bubbles. Teachers can blow bubbles near the babies, ones, and twos for them to pop. Invite parents to blow bubbles together with their preschoolers. Enjoy celebrating the giggles and joy that preschoolers bring.

We’d love to see how you celebrate Week of the Young Child! Share with us at facebook.com/WMUPreschool.

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