Anticipating Christmas in August

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Do you remember the anticipation you felt as a child on the days leading up to Christmas? You tried to be good by being nice to others. You tried not to fight with your brother and sister. You kept looking at the tree in your living room, and wondered what packages would be under the tree on Christmas day. You wrote your list way before Christmas, and now waited to see if the things on your list would show up under the tree.

I wonder if the missionaries for Christmas in August have this same kind of anticipation? Throughout August, do they wonder if they will get the things on their list? It was a while back when they wrote out their list of items needed in their ministry. Do they wonder what items will show up in their Christmas in August boxes?

Your Mission Friends group has the opportunity to be a blessing to a missionary by taking part in Christmas in August. This year there are 3 missionaries on the list for Mission Friends to support through Christmas in August. Find the list in Mission Friends Leader, page 45, or on the Mission Friends website. Choose 1 of the missionaries from the list. We’ve made it easy for you to send a note to parents listing the items to collect with a printable Christmas in August Missionary Requests Parent Note on our Free Downloads page. Collect items from the list, making sure the items are new and unwrapped. Don’t worry if you cannot provide everything on the list, because other churches are collecting items, too. As your Mission Friends help pack a box with items to send, be sure to pray for the missionary as he uses the items to tell people about Jesus.

For the missionaries on the Mission Friends list this year, they each list school supplies along with other items. Each missionary mentions ministries to children, and assisting children with school supplies. Point out to your Mission Friends that they are helping other children. Lead your Mission Friends in prayer for the children who will receive the school supplies and other items. Pray for the children to hear about Jesus and know that Jesus loves them.

Thank you for involving your preschoolers in Christmas in August. You are leading your preschoolers to share Jesus’ love with others. Your Christmas in August boxes also give encouragement to missionaries and enable them to reach out to people in Jesus’ name. That’s a great thing to anticipate!

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