Introducing Preschoolers to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering

December is drawing near, and our focus on the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering® is growing. The Dove family, whom we will study in December, says that it is the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering that meets their daily needs and allows them to focus full-time on the work that God has called them to in Norway. Use some of the following suggestions to teach Mission Friends more about the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering and to encourage their families to involve them in missions giving.

Share our All About Lottie Moon leaflet to teach preschoolers about Lottie Moon’s life and work in China. The leaflet tells her story and explains the Christmas offering. There are many creative ways to use these leaflets:

  • Loosely attach them to a Christmas tree at church. Invite families to take one and to read it during a family meal to spur discussion of the offering and ways that they can get involved.

  • Make Christmas goodie bags for each of your preschoolers. Place a leaflet in each bag.

  • Create special Christmas cards for your preschoolers. Insert a leaflet in each card.

  • Use the leaflets as bulletin inserts for the entire church family.

  • Pass the leaflets out during Sunday School. Attach an invitation to join you in Mission Friends.

  • Using the information in the leaflet, create a dramatic role play based on the life of Lottie Moon. Video the role play and encourage your church to use it during the worship service to highlight the Christmas offering.

  • Read the leaflet with preschoolers. Share your favorite part of Lottie’s story and invite your Mission Friends to each share their favorite part.

  • Challenge preschoolers to look at the leaflet and to create their own mural or storyboard about Lottie for display in your church information center.

  • If you have Spanish-speaking church members, a Spanish translation of the leaflet, Todo sobre Lottie Moon, is now available!

Ask your church treasurer or finance secretary about purchasing the Missions Bank to collect the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering® during December. The following suggestions may help you raise awareness about the offering:

  • Ask families to place the banks in their cars to collect loose change from purchases.

  • Each family can place the bank in a central location in their home to collect the change that they accumulate each day.

  • Give the banks to families with preschoolers and children. Ask the families to talk to their preschoolers and children about the things that they could give up in order to make a Christmas offering. Perhaps they could give up snacks, sodas, or special treats and place the money that would have been spent on these items in the banks. As the money is placed in the bank, ask families to talk to preschoolers and children about missions.

  • Talk to your pastor or worship leader to schedule a time during a worship service to collect the banks. Suggest praying a prayer of dedication over the banks.

  • Ask parents to take the banks to work to remind them of the offering and to pray for missionaries and as a way to share with their coworkers about our offering.


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