A Collaborative Ministry in Thailand

McIntosh Family

Claire and Mark McIntosh* work among a people who are mired in poverty and hopelessness. Their ministry speaks to the truth that in sharing God’s love, we must also meet people’s physical needs.

The McIntoshes help villagers find sources of clean water, provide seeds, share sustainable sources of protein, and enrich education. They teach a group of women how to weave baskets and purses that can be sold in order to earn money for their families. As the McIntosh family engages in community development, they build relationships and share stories of God’s love and care.

Mr. McIntosh shares that in one village, lack of food led to many health problems. Through funding provided by the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering® and the Cooperative Program, Mr. and Mrs. McIntosh gave the people seeds and taught them how to garden and save seed for future crops. They educated the people about soil maintenance and gave them chickens as an ongoing source of protein. When they began ministering here, no one knew Jesus. Now, there are 39 followers of Jesus in this village!

They emphasize that their ministry is a collaborative effort, requiring the work of many. They know first that without the work of the Holy Spirit, their ministry would be fruitless. Next, Mr. and Mrs. McIntosh give great thanks for their children who work together with them both at home and in the villages they visit. They also rely upon a group of national partners who help with language and cultural understanding. This family also recognizes the significance of their Southern Baptist family who pray and give faithfully and sacrificially.

This month, Mission Friends will learn about Global Hunger Relief and about the Christian concept area World as they hear about the McIntoshes’ ministry. We have a prime opportunity through this unit to teach preschoolers that we can give our money to help others around the world and that God wants us to work together in helping others.

Mr. McIntosh says that we can actively demonstrate how to respond to poverty and hunger by living “a life of gratitude that is centered on living with enough and sharing with others.” How do you plan to teach your preschoolers about working together to share with others this month?

*Names changed

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