Missionary Spotlight Update: Cliff Case

Cliff and Cinthy Case hike in Chile

Cliff Case said in addition to the people he’s already working to reach in Chile, hundreds, or maybe even thousands, more are pouring in all the time.

“The visa restrictions have been loosened,” he said. “In the last 5 years, Chile has begun to receive refugees from Venezuela and Haiti.”

One Baptist church called Argomedo has a new ministry to Haitians, Case said. “They are teaching them Spanish, helping them with housing, clothing, and food.” It has become a high priority ministry for them, he said.

“It happened when they decided that they weren’t reaching the people who lived right outside of the church doors,” Case said. “So, as they started reaching out to those within a block or 2 of the church, they began to find a need with the refugees.”

Several other churches are reaching out too, he explained. The mission point in Miraflores called a Venezuelan pastor who had decided to leave his country and arrived by bus, and it soon found other Venezuelans in the area who had left for political reasons. The mission point, which was without a pastor for a couple of years, has “discovered a new ministry to refugees from Venezuela,” Case said. “And the mission is finally starting to grow.”

He asked for prayer for those churches, that “they will open their arms and hearts to these refugees” and they will help them settle in and get to know Christ.

Cliff Case and his wife, Cinthy, are featured in the February 2019 Missions Mosaic Missionary Spotlight article.

Grace Thornton is a freelance writer living in Birmingham, Alabama. She blogs at GraceForTheRoad.com.


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