Missionary Spotlight Update: Barry and Amy Rager

Rager family

Barry and Amy Rager, church planters at New Circle Church in Indianapolis, Indiana, give praise that their worship center has now been purchased by the church, and they are beginning the process of making needed repairs. 

Pray specifically for wisdom, discernment, and finances during the repair process, which will include resolving some water damage, painting, plaster repairs, and replacing restroom fixtures.

“We do not want this to become such a focus that we take our eyes off the prize of reaching our neighbors for Christ, so pray that we keep ‘first things’ first,” Amy said.

She added, “We will be looking for community partners and like-minded organizations to occupy some of our building. We now own 25,000 square feet in an area desperately in need of resources, and we can’t keep all of that to ourselves. We need wisdom in selecting who to partner with and who to bring into our building—an organization that will benefit the community and be a reliable tenant for New Circle Church.”

She also asks for prayer for the children’s ministry, as it has added many more kids but is short on volunteers. Pray God would bring the right people to work in this ministry.

Barry and Amy Rager are featured in the January 2019 Missions Mosaic Missionary Spotlight article.

Beth Holmes is inspired by the Ragers to meet the needs all around her in her current city of Owensboro, Kentucky.

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