Obedience and Mistakes

During our apprentice term with our missions organization, one of the things required was to share a Creation to Christ story in the heart language of our people . . . from memory. Sigh. I was seven months pregnant with our second child when this requirement needed to be fulfilled and while pregnancy brain may have been my excuse, I'm not sure how much easier it would have been otherwise.

To say that I struggled with this assignment would be putting it mildly. I had spent two years studying the language and still had difficulties with it daily. I knew who the Lord wanted me to share this set of stories with, but I was anxious. Roxanne was a friend who was a nonbeliever and I was convinced that if I messed this up, she was never going to want to accept Christ. Selfish? Prideful? Yes, to say the least but it was (however sadly) my mindset.

During the pousse pousse ride over to her shop, I lifted all of my concerns to the Lord. I told Him that I could turn around and go home if that's what I needed to do. But I knew He was telling me to go and share with her. After many mistakes and some confusion, it was over. On the ride back home, I knew that I had been obedient to the Lord but what gave me greater peace and joy was the knowledge that His Spirit could use even my bumbled mess of a story to call Roxanne to Himself.

And, you know what? That's what still gives me hope today. No matter who He puts in my path, even when we speak the same language, He still uses my obedience and my mistakes for His glory. He can use yours too. 

Nickolee Roberts is a wife, momma, blogger, kindergarten teacher, and former international missionary, saved by His grace and believing that God will be glorified.​

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