Learning to Cook

Cooking was something I grew into, if that’s how we should term it.

I thought I really liked to cook when was growing up, but when I ventured out into the world and met women who could take a pinch of flour and turn it into a masterpiece, I realized maybe I wasn’t that gifted. Ask me to cook a savory dish, I am there. But, oh you have a local bake sale coming up? And I am struggling to figure out what would be appropriate.

In my cold, yet cozy home in the Middle East, my favorite holiday was on the horizon: Christmas. I had moved into this apartment and I knew I had neighbors but honestly I never saw them. My local transportation was taxi cabs, so I was constantly walking the floors to exit the front door, while my neighbors used the elevator to go to the garage and leave in their vehicles. Oh the elevator, a way to never see people.

How was I ever going to meet my neighbors? Well, Betty Crocker had some advice, bake some cookies. So I invited a girlfriend over and we baked dozens of Christmas cookies, lavished them with sprinkles and dropped them into small festive boxes. The next day, she and I went door to door attempting operation cookie delivery. The majority of the houses did not open their doors, or were not at home, but a few did and those were the exact neighbors we were supposed to know.

The Lord opened up the door with one of the families and we slowly became friends, we did not speak the same language, but as grace would have it I soon had a new roommate who spoke that dialect. We went on some visits to their home and slowly, my roommate and one of the women became really good friends. The neighbors were only living in our complex for a season, but in that time they encountered the love of Christ and got to hear about Him.

Sometimes it takes an act of courage and the faith to knock on the door. Do you have neighbors you have been meaning to meet but haven’t had the opportunity? Maybe today is the day.

Abi Khavari traveled the world, writing for a non-profit agency in the Middle East. She now lives in Colorado, got married recently, and is starting her Masters of Counseling this spring.

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