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My gifts are teaching, speaking, and writing. I have known two of these for a while and one was just beginning to develop back in 2011 when I stepped on the distant soil of Madagascar. I was anxious to develop relationships and share the gospel with anyone who would listen. That was, until about ten minutes later as I went through customs and realized no one could understand anything I was saying.

For the first couple of days, it was entertaining. It was almost comical how much we could not understand and how little we could communicate (unless it was in the form of pointing and gestures). Soon though, our lack of communication became part of our motivation to learn the language and to learn it quickly! Over the next six months, we were in formal language school and once we passed our final exam; we moved to the town where we would do ministry. I began to understand that I would indeed never be out of language school . . . it may not be formal but there would always be something new to learn.

As a teacher and speaker being forced to communicate through the vocabulary of a two-year-old is incredibly humbling. The Lord stretched me during those years in ways that I never had been before. Serving in a place where no English is spoken is a daily humbling experience. Each day, I would come face to face with my shortcomings and my desperate need for Christ. I had no choice but to surrender to Him fully every morning.

It's a beautiful thing when we follow His plan. Daily surrender is what He desires no matter where we live. Is there a situation where He has humbled you lately? What does He desire for you to surrender to Him?

Nickolee Roberts is a wife, momma, blogger, kindergarten teacher, and former international missionary, saved by His grace and believing that God will be glorified.​

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