The 8-5 Life and Missions

Step 1: God places a call on your heart to missions.

Step 2: You pray about this call and figure out how to do it.

Step 3: You board a plane to another country.

Step 4: You stay there as long as the Lord has you sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

In a few steps, we define missions. It’s for the people who “heard a call” and then move to another country. For so long, I shared this definition and lived it. God laid nations on my heart, setting my sights on those places until I moved and lived there.

But, now? This definition has changed. I see missions not only as a step onto a plane, but as a lifestyle.

We love the Lord, with all our heart, soul, and mind, and we love our neighbor as ourselves.

We plant roots in our cities; we find work; we seek out the betterment of every person around us and share the love of Jesus everywhere we go. I don’t want to live a mission statement that takes me overseas for a season and then I move home and my time is up.

Right now, I work in a job where at times I don’t see God’s kingdom. Some days I get bogged down by the tasks and yearn for heart-to-heart conversations where I can share the love of Jesus.

But when my eyes focus on what life isn’t, I miss what is happening in the conversations with co-workers where we share hearts and truth. I overlook the conversations on the phone, where I happened to catch strangers in a hard time and hear their story and get to pray with, over, and for them. Or I fail to take the opportunity to be kind to a person I see at my favorite restaurant each week and build relationships there.

Our life is a mission—a mission to love the Lord and love people around us, showing them the light of Jesus. Sometimes in that pursuit of God He tells you to open a ministry, or move to the other side of the world, or to become friends with your neighbors, or to pay for the groceries of someone in need.

We listen. Then we follow.

Abi Khavari traveled the world, writing for a non-profit agency in the Middle East. She now lives in Colorado, got married recently, and is starting her Masters of Counseling this spring.

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