Why I Lead GA

I belonged to a GA group of 1, way back when. In those days, GA began at age 9, and we had just returned to central China, where Mom and Dad were missionaries. I loved memorizing the Scripture passages and memorizing the allegiance and working on Forward Steps (I can still quote the allegiance 70 years later!). When the Communists drove us out of China, I came back to America—which was now like a foreign country to me. GA was a great anchor, and now there were other girls in the group! Forward Steps was the favorite activity of all, as well as being able to help others as a group. When we later served as missionaries in Taiwan, I had the joy and working with girls there (both MKs and foreign girls as well as Chinese students), translating the handbook and other material into Chinese (with a LOT of help!).

Upon retirement in Alabama, we were glad to find that our local church had GA and RA. After a period of time we were away a year, and when we returned, groups were no longer meeting. Big disappointment. After trying several ways to restart the group, I decided to do whatever worked. I began teaching first- through third-graders in Sunday School. We would spend 40 intense minutes with Bible study and then have 20 minutes of GA—the girls loved it. It took a lot of work to zero in on the best approach for a shortened version of missions each week, but it was well worth it. I was able to get other teachers involved as well, and they seemed to “catch the bug.” 

Then, a little over a year ago, mothers and girls said they wanted GA Journey time as well. We only have a 25-minute slot of Wednesday evenings, but we really make it count. The girls love doing projects, memorizing, and helping people near and far. We average a good attendance each week, and there is a group of 5 women who help. The girls delighted in their first recognition service, and we are already working on numerous projects for the coming year. I might be the oldest GA leader within a radius of 100 miles, but I plan to keep on chugging as long as the brain and body will keep moving! The girls are an invigorating joy to be around. And we have a great RA group going, and we do joint activities with them as well. We are just glad to have healthy groups of children learning about needs and helping to meet those needs with joy!

Rosalie Hunt has served national WMU as recording secretary, has written many books about our missions legacy, is a sought-after speaker, and is one of our all-time favorite GA leaders. Mrs. Hunt and her husband reside in Alabama, but they find themselves at home wherever God leads.

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