Your CMD 2018 Stories (Part 3)

We have more stories for you! Let's hear what children from across the country did for this year's Children's Missions Day to serve their communities. 

"Our GA group baked cookies and brownies for our local police officers and firefighters. They also wrote cards to thank them for their service to our community. We greatly enjoyed delivering these treats to our local heroes, who visited with our girls and gave them tours of the police and fire stations.” (Check out the photo collage to the right for a glimpse of their awesome day!)

— Becky Vick, for the GAs at Midway Baptist Church in Meridian, Mississippi

“We had our CAs bake cookies. Four CAs did that while our 4 Mission Friends packed the baskets. Our baskets contained the cookies along with other snacks, a bottle of water and a bottle of Gatorade. We made 20 baskets, and on Saturday, February 17, we delivered them to the Hickory County Sheriff's Department in Hermitage, Missouri. The baskets were distributed between the sheriff's department and the ambulance services. We just wanted to express our appreciation for their services they provide for our community and all the sacrifices they make."

— Bonita Davis, for the CAs at Cross Timbers Southern Baptist Church in Cross Timbers, Missouri

“Our children visited a nursing home where we sang, handed out homemade valentines and visited residents in their rooms. One of our girls read the Bible to a dear 98-year-old lady. We also worked at a low-income community garden where we pulled weeds and cleaned out their garden plots. We ended our day with a local ministry where we did cleaning. It was a great day of serving God by serving others.”

— Donna Rhymes, for the children at Mangham Baptist Church in Mangham, Louisiana

“The Children in Action group at Friendship Baptist Church chose to clean up a local park and hand out goody bags to people enjoying the park. We assembled the goody bags with trail mix, crackers, gummy snacks, hard candy, information about our church and some Bible verses about God’s love. We also made treat bags for dogs at the park with their owners. The children picked up litter as we walked through the park, talked with people we met, handed out treat bags and bottled water and invited them to join us at church. The people we met were very responsive and appreciative!"

— Rebekah Reid, for the CAs at Friendship Baptist Church in Lenoir City, Tennessee

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