Camping: It's Intense! (Get it? In-Tents?)

School is almost out for the summer, and you know what that means: it’s vacation time, y’all! All year long we eagerly await the summer, and when it finally arrives all seems right with the world. Maybe you’re already making plans, or (if you’re like me) maybe you’re ready for the summer breeze to blow you where it will! No matter what your summertime planning inclinations may be, make sure you make a little room for children’s missions camp.

Camp is such an important time in a child’s life. I can still remember many of the lessons I learned years ago at camp. One of my memories involves a fire-building competition mishap resulting in the loss of my singed eyebrows.

The other memory I hold close even to this day is one of a missionary who was involved in a terrible car accident on the field. He had learned how to walk and talk again after many months of grueling physical therapy. But when he did stand and speak at camp, he spoke about the cost of living as an ambassador for Christ. Costly, yes, but completely worth every minute of struggle.

Both memories hold special importance to me. I learned some very important lessons: First, don’t play with fire! Second, my faith is not meant to be hoarded away but shared with the world. What memories will your children walk away from camp with this summer? Will it be the summer they accept Christ? Will it be the summer they feel a call to ministry? At camp, anything is possible!

Did you know there are a plethora of camping options near you this summer? Check out this interactive children’s missions camp map to find camp dates and locations in your state.


Zachariah Seanor is the national consultant for Royal Ambassadors, Challengers and Youth on Mission; husband to an amazing wife; and lover of the great outdoors. When he's not in the office writing blogs, he enjoys warm fires, cool summer nights and long walks with his border collie, Nellie.

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