Your CMD Stories (part 5)

Children's Ministry Day is a great way for children to show God's love to the world.

We’ve got more stories for you! Let’s hear what children from across the country did for this year’s Children’s Ministry Day to love their neighbors.


“Our kids baked, packaged, and delivered about 150 cookies to the residents at Harvest Manor nursing home in our home town. I was really proud to see that they took their time during the delivery—visiting with the residents and praying with them. More than once I peeked through a door to check on the kids and saw hands held and heads bowed.” (Take a look at the photo to the right to see the kids with their bags of cookies!)

—Brandy Tullos, for the children at Watson Baptist Church in Denham Springs, Louisiana


“For our CMD 2017 project, our GAs co-hosted a baby shower with the Acteens for our local E.P.I.C. (Eastern Pregnancy Information Clinic). Our girls, their families, and church members brought lots of baby gifts to help stock the “baby store” at E.P.I.C. Young women are offered ultrasounds, counseling, and parenting classes at E.P.I.C., and when they complete the classes, they can earn “baby bucks.” They can use the “baby bucks” to shop for their baby in the “baby store.” We had a guest come from E.P.I.C., as well. The shower was a lot of fun with silly games. Blindfolded mothers were fed baby food by the GAs and had to guess what it was; the GAs had a contest to see how fast they could drink water from baby bottles; and melted candy bars were identified in dirty diapers! Mothers of the girls and leaders provided delicious refreshments. We felt our CMD project was a great way to show love to our neighbors.”

—Beverly Lafone, for the GAs at Neuse Baptist Church in Kinston, North Carolina


“We had a month-long CMD. Our GAs and RAs worked together to gather over $3,000 worth of food, hygiene items, and money for our local homeless shelter working with United Ministries. We collected items and money on 2 Saturdays—once at a local hardware store and once at Walmart. We purchased the items that we had decided to buy along with backpacks and filled them on a Wednesday night. They were delivered to United Ministries for them to give out as needed. We ended our month-long CMD by going to our local homeless shelter and serving the guests dinner. It was a great experience for all to see how the Lord blessed this ministry. To end it with the kids actually spending time and talking with the people that they were able to help really helped to bring it home to them. While we were collecting money and items, we were also handing out Bible verses and sharing with people in our community.”

—Cynthia Hardee, for the GAs and RAs at Providence Baptist Church in Sumter, South Carolina


“Our children came to our church on a Saturday afternoon. They carefully put together 7 baskets full of fruits, nuts, trail mixes, peanut butter crackers, donuts, bagels, pudding, jello, homemade cookies, and several other miscellaneous items. They then made “appreciation” posters. Once everything was ready, we loaded them on our church van and went to 7 different EMS stations, police and sheriff stations, and fire halls within our community. The children told people how much we appreciate them and all they do to protect our community. A prayer was then said for them, asking God to protect them and be with them on each and every call. Our children had a great experience spreading God's Word and His love. They also had a great reception from each and every one of the units we encountered, as well as an added friend to our Facebook page. We are very proud of our children and all the hard work they do in our church. They are the church of our future. Praise God.”

—Mary Spence, for the children at Riverview Baptist Chapel in Wellsburg, West Virginia


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