Your CMD Stories (part 3)

Children can share the love of Jesus through Children's Ministry Day.

We’ve got more stories for you! Let’s hear what children from across the country did for this year’s Children’s Ministry Day to love their neighbors.


“The GAs at Cross Roads Baptist Church loved participating in Children's Ministry Day. We baked homemade chocolate chip cookies from scratch and made cards for our local law enforcement. While making the cookies, we talked about each ingredient being either good or bad and how that relates to how God loves us. We discussed how important it is to let other people know that we love them and pray for them and how thankful we are for the things they do for us. The girls decided to visit two local police departments and give cookies to the staff and pray over them. This was a great and wonderful blessing to witness. Our girls took turns with popcorn prayer and really thanked them for their service and for God’s protection over them as they protect our communities. We were even featured in our local newspaper. The girls were so happy to share God’s love that day.” (For a glimpse at the sweet cards the GAs made, see the photo to the right!)

—Samantha Sherrill, for the GAs at Cross Roads Baptist Church in Pelahatchie, Mississippi


“We had a ‘Loads of Love’ project at our local laundromat. The GAs collected mini bottles of detergent, rolls of quarters, and small toys for children. The toys were collected during the Christmas season at a local Dollar General store. The group also made laundry bags based on the T-shirt project in the winter GA magazine [see p. 32 of the Dec • Jan • Feb • 2016–17 issue of GA World]. We tied tags around the detergent with the verse John 3:16. We handed out the donations during CMD and received a lot of thank yous and smiles. The GAs and RAs played with small children while their guardians washed clothing. We stayed at the facility for about an hour, sharing the love of Jesus. We're looking forward to doing this project again before the end of the year.”

—Lisa Still, for the GAs and RAs at Seven Pines Baptist in Barnwell, South Carolina


“Our girls made flower bouquets from colored tissue paper and handmade greeting cards ahead of time. On Children's Ministry Day, we boarded the church bus and drove around town to visit widows and shut-ins and give them the gifts.”

—Cindy Franklin, for the GAs at Calvary Baptist Church in Denison, Texas


“At Phaniels Baptist Church in Rockwell, North Carolina, we collected non-perishable and paper products for the North Carolina Baptist Children's Home in Thomasville, North Carolina, for Children's Ministry Day. On February 18, we loaded our church bus with our collections, and the GAs, RAs, Acteens, and adult leaders were on their way. We also purchased food gift cards for each child in the home that we were able to visit. We were greeted by a house parent who gave us a tour of the campus, and we gave a short program to share God's love with the children. God blessed us with a beautiful day, and we were able to bless the children, as well.”

—Lynda McDaniel, for the GAs and RAs at Phaniels Baptist Church in Rockwell, North Carolina

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