Your CMD Stories (part 2)

We’ve got more stories for you! Let’s hear what children from across the country did for this year’s Children’s Ministry Day to love their neighbors.

“Our Children in Action group chose to deliver baked goods with a card and have prayer with our local firefighters and EMS to let them know how much we appreciate their service to our community.” (For a glimpse at their awesome day, see the photo to the right!)

—Rebekah Reid, for the CAs at Friendship Baptist Church in Lenoir City, Tennessee


“Before the day, the children made bird feeders to take to nursing home residents and assisted living residents. They also made “potato soup in a jar” for our church shut-ins. The day of the event, we divided the children into 2 groups. One group went to a nursing home and sang for the residents. The other group went to an assisted living facility and sang for the residents. The bird feeders were left with the facilities for the residents to enjoy. Then, we visited 12 families from our church that are shut-ins or have been sick. The children enjoyed giving the jars of potato soup to the families. The children also sang for the families, bringing smiles to many faces!”

—Jamey Attaway, for the children at Hillcrest Baptist Church in Dyersburg, Tennessee


“We live in a small, rural community, where the gathering place is the local gas station/deli. We made chocolate chip cookies, bagged each cookie with a sticker that said A Gift For You, the verse John 3:16, and Made with love by Children in Action, Morgan Baptist Church. We took them to the store and did a free “bake sale,” giving away cookies to everyone who came. It turned out great, and we gave away between 55 and 60 cookies!”

—Lori Bohannon, for the CAs at Morgan Baptist Church in Conway, Missouri


“We served at Pathways, a local soup kitchen. The children led the devotional by doing a Bible reading about Lazarus, then performing a skit. They also performed a song. The people we served laughed and loved the comedic take on the gospel. The children prepared taco salad and helped serve the food. Their favorite part was serving. The love of Jesus was felt throughout the building that day. Such a wonderful impact on the children and the community!”

—Brandy Parker, for the children at Beulah Baptist Church in Canton, North Carolina


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