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Well, it happened! Children’s Ministry Day 2017 was a great success as children learned what it means to “Love Your Neighbor.” Let’s check in with a group from Missouri to see how they loved their neighbors.

The GAs of First Baptist Church, Marshall, Missouri, met at their church to bake cookies, crispy rice treats, and corn flake cookies to share with residents at a care facility just outside of their city. The group of 14 girls (11 GAs, 2 guests, and 1 Mission Friend) and 4 adult helpers split into groups to bake the treats. The girls each brought in ingredients for baking. Handmade valentines were created to go along with the sweet treats.

The GAs were driven to the care facility, where they gave out the valentines and treats to about 40 residents. This gave the girls great practice at meeting someone new and introducing themselves in a safe environment. Naomi Campbell, one of the GA leaders, said, “It was a great way to show love to people we don’t know, make friends, and be brave enough to pray for them aloud and give them a gift in Jesus’ name.” The girls topped off their visit by singing songs to the residents.

After the visit, the girls discussed the trip with their leaders. They realized they had learned what CMD is all about, what it means to love their neighbors, and what Jesus meant by “neighbor.”

The more they discussed, the more the girls realized that God had used them to reach out to not only the residents of the care facility, but to others as well. During the trip, the girls touched the lives of any nurses or visitors of the residents, the church van driver, the mother and grandmother who had accompanied them, and even each other!

“Only God would know the full impact,” said Naomi, “but wasn’t it wonderful to see what we could see and be witnesses ourselves?”

Do you have a CMD story you would like to share from the GAs, RAs, or CAs at your church? Head over to our blogs and see the latest CMD stories.  Be sure to tell us about yours. Who knows? Maybe your story will inspire leaders for future CMD projects. Your story could help children across the country reach people with the love of Jesus.

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