Taking your kids to the next level

Here’s a tough question: How much are the kids you teach each week learning about missions? Unlike public education, in the missions classroom, we don’t have a series of tests we administer to determine how much children are learning. As a leader, you must rely on your knowledge of the kids in your group. Here are a few simple guidelines to help you ensure your children are learning as much as possible in your missions classroom:

  • Plan: Choose parts of the lesson that will not only lead to an understanding of the material, but will also challenge your kids. By choosing activities that match your group’s needs, you’ll challenge your children in meaningful ways.
  • Focus: Choose a focus concept for your lessons and highlight that concept for multiple weeks. For instance, when you make the Great Commission central to each week’s lesson for several weeks, kids will come to understand its importance and will expect to hear about it often.
  • Stretch: Require more from each child’s mind than you’ve ever required before! By stretching their minds, you’re ensuring they will be prepared, no matter where God leads! You’re also preparing them to push to the next level in processing ideas and evaluating concepts, and then incorporating those ideas and concepts into what they’ve already learned.
  • Evaluate: After each lesson, evaluate the learning activities you’ve used and the lessons you’ve taught. Was something added to the child’s understanding of God and missions because of something that happened in the classroom? What would you change? What would you do similarly in the future?

Your observations are one of the few “tests” you have to determine if kids are learning and engaging to the greatest extent possible. If you are regularly encouraging your kids to continually be involved in God’s mission, your children will become the disciple-makers of tomorrow.


Heather Keller is the Girls in Action and Children in Action consultant at national WMU. In addition to leading GA, she is a certified middle school and secondary teacher. Heather and her husband, Tommy, live in Birmingham, Alabama, and are raising two fun-loving boys who keep the family busy with nature walks, fishing, and camping.


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