In With the New

It won’t be long and the familiar sound of a ringing school bell will be heard in classrooms. The wheels on the big yellow school bus will be going round and round. And, kids will be dragging themselves out of bed and back to school for another year of learning.

So, what does the new school year and going back to school mean for missions education in your church? For some churches, the new school year will mean restarting their missions education programs after taking a few months off. For those who continued with GA, RA, and CA during the summer, it will mean more stable meetings as fewer leaders and kids will be out on vacation.

As you prepare for the beginning of another new school year and another year in missions education, now is a great time to evaluate your organization and material needs. Now is also a great time to order the annual children's promotion pack that provides an overview of the year ahead. You’ll find great decorating tips, ideas, and learning activities that’ll help you have a successful new year.

There are dozens and dozens of missions education products available that might assist you in the new year. Call WMU Customer Service at 1-800-968-7301 to order a catalog to see the various products. Or, visit to browse our complete children’s inventory.

Also, while online, don’t forget to sign up for the Children’s Resource Team enewsletter that is emailed each month! In the enewsletter, you’ll find updates to the curriculum, unique activities found only online, important links to videos, new products, etc. The enewsletter is a must for every missions leader who works with children.

Even though summer break will soon come to a close, it’s time to begin thinking about two important events coming later in the year. First of all, don’t forget about Children’s Missions Day (CMD), scheduled for February 17, 2018 (or whenever best fits your church calendar), as we focus on children serving in their communities through acts of compassion.

Then finally, don’t forget to begin thinking about your springtime recognition service! You’ll want to recognize the efforts of the girls and boys who have worked so hard over the year! Begin now thinking about which badges and patches you will need to order, when and where the recognition service will be held, and what plans need to be made to make the service special. (You can order GA Recognition: Tips and Ideas for help planning a GA recognition service.)

A new year is at hand! We at national WMU are praying for you and your children as you continue to grow in missions education!


M. Steve Heartsill is a husband, father, editor, and avid sports fan.


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