Getting to Know Children in Action

The Children in Action Guide for Leaders describes CA this way: “Children in Action is an exciting and fun-filled coed missions education organization for boys and girls in grades 1–6. . . . In CA, children learn about the world, pray for the world, and learn how they can be used to tell others about God’s Son, Jesus.”

But CA is far more than just words found in a guide!

CA is a time for girls and boys to explore the world around them, both near and far, in North America and globally. CA is a time for children to expand their worldviews beyond their churches or neighborhoods or schools. CA is a time for children to learn that not only is God is at work around the world but that He has called children to discover their place in His calling.

One month in CA, children may learn about God’s work in Las Vegas. The next month, they may sample foods eaten in Russia. During another month, CAs may discover ways that churches are growing in Germany. Throughout another month, CAs may study about a St. Louis missionary who has 10 children and is seeing God change lives in his community.

I grew up in a very small Southern town. Often, my worldview was limited to the immediate world around me: my family, my church and my school. Admittedly, I grew up before cable TV and the Internet, so my exposure to what was happening in our state, nation and around the world wasn’t often known to me.

Today’s world is vastly different from the world in which I grew up. Yet even with the overload of knowledge that is available today, children need to see the world through God’s eyes and heart. CA offers just that to boys and girls, whether they are in small towns or megacities, Southern towns or Northeastern cities.

Should your church should consider Children in Action for your girls and boys? If you’d like to know more about this exciting missions discipleship opportunity, check out the free online starter pack. At that website, you can indicate which missions organizations you are interested in, complete the fields that follow, and click on “submit.” You will then be directed to a page where you can download free starter packs for the organizations you choose. Each starter pack includes general information along with sample curriculum materials to help you get started right away.

Check out CA today! The world awaits the boys and girls in your church!


M. Steve Heartsill grew up before the Internet, cable TV and cell phones. However, despite what his son thinks, dirt had already been created before he was born.

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