Mission Complete: Time to Celebrate

Ah, May! Welcome to the busiest month of the year! If you look at my family calendar this month, you will have to channel your inner sleuth to crack the code. Every single white block is filled with colorful reminders to help me juggle multiple kids’ activities—recitals, concerts, sporting events, open houses, banquets, parties, and exams. The list goes on and on, but, whew, you get the gist. I say it every year—May is even busier than December!

Even with the end-of-the year hustle and bustle, it's a great time to recognize the boys and girls in your missions organizations for their accomplishments this past year. How did they complete the Mission: My Life special assignment? Did kids participate in Children’s Ministry Day or the International Mission Study? Did they raise awareness and collect funds for the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering or the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering? Did they participate in an individual achievement plan like GA Journey, RA Trek, or Missions Expedition? If so, celebrate their missions involvement and give them the recognition they deserve!

Jump-start your planning with one of these fun ideas:

  • Award children the patches/badges they have earned during a special worship service at church. Allow opportunities for them to participate by reading Scripture, sharing testimonies, or singing. Plan a special reception with light snacks to give church members the opportunity to share words of encouragement and support.
  • Host a banquet to recognize children and their families for their participation in missions discipleship. Make it a special event by inviting children to dress up for the occasion.
  • Plan a picnic! Reserve a picnic pavilion at a local park or nature preserve. Have a cookout or potluck meal. Let children lead families in some fun games that they have learned this year in missions. This could be similar to a banquet but in a much more relaxed atmosphere.
  • Make a scrapbook or digital slide show of all the missions activities boys and girls have participated in this year. Plan a time to share with families and other church members either before, during, or after your recognition event.
  • Find a visible spot in your church to decorate a bulletin board with all the patches/badges children earned this year. Set up a table to display artwork, crafts, and projects made by children in missions.
  • Encourage children to produce a video of all the things they have learned about and done this year in missions. Plan a time to share the video with your church members.

Your possibilities for a meaningful missions recognition event are endless. Whatever you choose, accept this last challenge and celebrate children for completing a very special missions assignment this past year.


Melissa Whetstone serves as the GA editor at national WMU. As the mom to three busy boys, she loves spending time with her “girls” each week as she leads GA at her church.


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