A Little Recognition Never Hurts

Around this time of the year, missions education organizations begin preparing for their annual recognition services. These special services provide opportunities to recognize the accomplishments of boys and girls who have worked hard all year long. These services also provide an opportunity for family, friends, and church members to become more familiar with the church missions education program.

When considering your church’s recognition services, several key factors should be remembered:

  • Keep the service simple. Consider the age level of the participants. Keep the service focused on what they have learned and how they are able to express themselves appropriately. Don’t expect them to be adults in their presentations. Let them be the children God created them to be!
  • Maintain dignity in the service. Let your children know that dignity is honorable. Keep them aware of expected behavior as they participate in the service.
  • Conduct the service in a reasonable time frame. Give consideration to the attention span of the children and audience.
  • Plan and rehearse the service. Determine the purpose of your service, when and where it will be conducted, and who is responsible for each aspect of the service. Allow time for participants to practice before conducting the ceremony so that children and leaders know what to expect.
  • Promote the service. Invite the people who are most significant in each child’s life (parents, pastor, others). It's important to have special people witness a special service!

As you prepare for your recognition service, don’t forget to order the badges and patches your children have earned for the ceremony. To order, call 1-800-968-7301 or visit wmustore.com.

And, by all means, don’t forget to take plenty of photographs of your recognition service and send them to us at national WMU. Your photographs may show up on Facebook or in one of our publications!


M. Steve Heartsill is managing editor of Royal Ambassadors® and Challengers®.

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