Let the Redeemed of the Lord Tell Their Story

“Let those who have been set free by the Lord tell their story. He set them free from the power of the enemy” (Psalm 107:2 NIrV).

The thought of sharing your testimony can be daunting; I know it still is for me. Last summer, I traveled to Belize City on a missions trip with my church. For months leading up to the trip, we practiced delivering our testimonies over and over again. One night during the trip at a youth service, the time came for me to stand in front of thirty Belizean teenagers and share my encounter with God, what He did for me, and what He did for each and every one of them on the cross.

Each of us has a testimony, or story, to tell about what God has done in our lives. Even children need to know how to share their testimony and the gospel of Christ. The undeniable center of all missions is sharing the gospel so everyone has the opportunity to know the joy of Jesus Christ.

Honestly, the gospel can seem intimidating. How can we possibly put into words all that Jesus has done for us? I used to shrink away at the complexity of God’s power and Jesus’ sacrifice, and I bet many people, children and adults alike, do as well. However, in high school, my youth pastor broke it down into a few simple phrases: “Jesus died on the cross for our sins. He rose again three days later, defeating Satan and death. Believe in Him and you will be saved.” This is the essence of the entire gospel in three sentences. Jesus’ unwavering love and sacrifice is shown through His willingness to die a horrific death for us—completely undeserving people. His almighty power was demonstrated when He defeated death and rose again. All we must do is believe and surrender our lives to Him, and we will be saved.

Though everyone’s testimony is different, they are, at the core, all the same. Jesus’ love and sacrifice for us brought us out of the despair and hopelessness of this world and transformed our hearts and lives. Now we will spend eternity serving and praising Him.

It is never too early and children are never too young to begin to share their own testimonies and the gospel. Prepare them now for the missions field they will be serving on for the rest of their earthly lives.


Jessica Ingram served as the Children’s Resource Team intern this summer.


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