Summer Break Missions Projects for Kids

Ah, summer. I long for the school days of the past when I was guaranteed a summer break. There’s just no comparison between the promise of a no-strings-attached break and using vacation hours to take off work for a week (at the most). Kids have it made, am I right? But the idea of a long summer break from school brings about the mindset that everything else takes a break, too. Visions of pool days and sunrays dance in their heads. Vacations move ever closer, and homework is nowhere to be found.

Amid all the summer excitement, sometimes kids (and even adults) forget that the Great Commission doesn’t take a break. People need to hear about the love of Jesus year-round. With no school to worry about for the time being, kids have even more opportunities to stay on mission. Summer actually lends itself to more fun-filled missions projects that can incorporate everything they’ve been looking forward to doing during the break.

If you’re looking for ideas to your keep kids’ missions group(s) involved in missions this summer, try incorporating summer break activities into your plans with these ideas:

  • Pool Day — It’s pretty much a given that kids are looking forward to spending some time at the pool during the summer. Tap into that excitement with a missions project at the pool. Organize a trip to a local pool for your group with parental permission, safety-dedicated chaperones, extra sunscreen, invited guests and possibly advance notice to the pool employees if your group is large. Dream up a fun missions project to complete at the pool, such as attaching notes of encouragement, Bible verses, or church information to cold drinks or sweet treats in goodie bags and offering them for free to pool visitors and employees.
  • Fun at the Field Day — Kids love to be outside during the summer. Plan a day of outdoor and indoor games for the kids in your church and community. Advertise around your community or your social media network for “sponsors” to donate money for the games and activities kids complete. (You can also encourage general donations on the day of your event.) Emphasize that all monetary donations will be used to buy donations for a homeless shelter, women and children’s shelter, food bank, soup kitchen or any other idea you have. Include your kids’ missions group in buying and delivering the donations.
  • Vacation Vision — Many families take vacations during the summer. Help families create a missions-focused vision for their vacations by encouraging them to find missional opportunities in the area they will be vacationing. Whether that be volunteering at any local shelters or simply helping others they cross paths with when they see a need. There are many ways to encourage families to be on mission during the summer. You can find additional ideas here
  • Missional Meetings — Some churches choose to discontinue missions organization meetings during the summer, but it doesn’t have to be that way! During June, July and August, we continue to offer great units on interesting places all over the world. For summer 2018, we are featuring Burkina Faso, Germany and St. Louis. Each unit features unique stories and fascinating settings for teaching kids about missionaries and the cultures in which they are serving, as well as plenty of fresh ideas for missions projects. Visit to find our summer curriculum.
  • Christmas in August — Christmas in August is a wonderful missions project that helps North American missionaries with the supplies they need for their ministries. Each year, we select a new group of missionaries for you to choose from. Your group’s gift of supplies will richly bless not only their ministries, but also the lives of the people they are reaching and serving with the love of Jesus. You can find more information for Christmas in August 2018 and the children’s list of missionaries at

Whatever you choose to do this summer, remember the importance of keeping kids involved in missions. Even though school is on break, the need to tell people about the love of Jesus is always in session.


Jessica Graham is a copy editor for children’s materials at national WMU. She’s not overly fond of the heat of summer, but she appreciates the opportunities summer can present.

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