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We're always excited at the national WMU office when June 1 rolls around each year. Can you guess why? It's not because it feels like the start of summer (although it does). It's not because June is our favorite month (although I'm sure it is for some of us). It's not because it's peak wedding season or even time for Annual Meeting (though both of those are pretty exciting). No, it's because we get to introduce you to our new products! After months of hard work getting our new products just right, we're ready to release them for you to enjoy.

Let me introduce some new children's products I think you’ll be excited about.

When you're ready to start planning for the coming year in missions:

Get ready to go "under the big top" with the Unshakable Promotion Pack! Plan for a year of learning as children explore their unshakable faith in God and His promises. Bring this year's Unshakable theme to life with the promotion pack's activities, ideas, full-color posters, and decorating tips inspired by circus acts that require unshakable faith. And who would want to miss the included plans and posters to help you prepare for Children's Missions Day 2019? You may wonder how we can fit all of that into one pack, but it can be done! Get ready for the excitement of acrobats, tightrope walkers, and lion tamers (oh my!) as you start planning for a new year in missions.

When you want your kids to learn more about people who need the love of Jesus:

The global refugee crisis is a humanitarian disaster. In the face of so much pain and suffering, how can you help kids understand why this crisis has occurred? How will you encourage them to help? Start with the International Mission Study: Refugees. Carefully and painstakingly crafted to help kids understand the humanity of refugees, our newest addition to this line of studies addresses this complicated topic in a way that is impactful and understandable while also remaining appropriate for children. Use the International Mission Study Children’s Teaching Guide: Refugees to provide kids with stories, activities, and eye-opening facts to show them how international Christian workers are sharing the love of Jesus with refugees after they flee their home countries to find safety and acceptance in new places. Pair the teaching guide with the International Mission Study Children’s Booklet: Refugees for colorful activity pages designed to help kids learn and grasp this important study.

When you want to reward your kids for all they'll accomplish in the coming year:

Check out both our new and redesigned badges/patches! This year, we stepped outside "the box" and created badges with new shapes inspired by new designs. We think they're fun and useful, and we hope you will, too! Explore our new badge/patch designs: Unshakable, Children's Missions Day 2019: Go Tell, Annie Armstrong Easter Offering, Disaster Relief, International Mission Study, Lottie Moon Christmas Offering, MK Friends, and GA Get Crafty.

We expect these products will play essential roles in your next year of missions. We're excited to offer these products to which we've dedicated our time to make just right, just for you. Head over to to explore our products and find what works best for your kids.


Jessica Graham is a copy editor for children's resources at national WMU. When she's not copyediting magazines and new products at work, she can usually be found reading a book, watching her favorite shows, or dreaming up stories in her head.


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