In Honor of Lottie

She sailed across the sea
To a land so far away.
She left behind her expected life,
When she heard what God had to say.

God placed a call on the heart
Of a woman named Lottie Moon.
She gave her answer faithfully,
And would arrive in China soon.

She made her new home
Among the people there.
They didn't trust her at first,
But she always showed them care.

She learned the language of the people,
And dressed like those around her.
She baked her cookies happily,
And drew people in closer.

At last, they trusted Lottie—
She was finally able to share
About the love of Jesus Christ
And His sacrifice laid bare.

Lottie dearly loved these people
With all her heart and hand.
But she knew she couldn't do alone
Everything God had planned.

So she sought out help for God's work
From her Christian brothers and sisters.
She wrote letter after letter after letter after letter
To all the misses and misters.

Their giving sent three people
Across the sea to join her.
And Lottie's work became a legacy
Among every son and daughter.

That's why we give each year
In honor of her name.
For Lottie is a missions beacon,
And that's her claim to fame.

But we all know that Lottie
Would give that fame to the Lord.
For it is He who sent His Son
To save the entire world.

So give to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering
This wonderful holiday season.
And make sure your kids understand
The meaning and the reason.

Encourage them to give
And to encourage others, too.
Help them see that giving
Is not for what, but Who.

For giving to this offering
Brings the gospel to the world
As missionaries share God's love
with every boy and girl.

Every cent kids give
Keeps a missionary on the field,
Where they minister to lost people
So they may be eternally healed.


Jessica Graham is a copy editor for children’s resources at national WMU. She enjoys changing pace and writing a poem from time to time.


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