It's Time to Celebrate!

A friend recently gave me a portable disco ball that plugs into a cell phone. I use the disco ball to help those around me celebrate victories of all sizes. Did we survive a deadline? Get out the disco ball. You just had a great phone call from a GA leader? Disco ball time! Finish a major writing assignment? You guessed it . . . we celebrate!

As goofy as my disco ball can be, it helps our staff mark a milestone and take a moment to savor what we’ve accomplished.

And that is what badges and patches can do for the children of your church. Allow me to explain. The purpose of a badge or patch of any kind is a visible reminder of a significant achievement or accomplishment. For children, they remind a child, his or her family, and the congregation of an event or activity where a child was engaged in missions.

This spring is a wonderful time to share what children have accomplished and learned about missions, even if you’ve never awarded the first badge or patch. (If it’s your first year for awards, consider giving each child the organizational badge or patch and possibly one other based on a successful activity or event.)

Regardless of your experience with badges and patches, we all know that being recognized for doing something can make us want to go back and learn more or participate again. Take time this spring to let children know that what they are learning is of the ultimate value.

And, if you need project ideas or suggestions for badges and patches, GA and CA leaders can always email me at, and RA leaders can email Zachariah Seanor at

Send me pictures of your children as they wear their vests and receive badges and patches. We want to see their smiles!

—Heather Keller


Heather Keller is the GA and CA consultant at national WMU. When she isn’t dreaming up new badges for GAs and CAs to earn, she enjoys traveling with her family and leading GAs in her own church.


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