Individual Achievement — So What?

So, you’ve got the magazines, the leader guides, a cabinet full of supplies, and a room full of children eager to learn about missions. The Scriptures, Bible lessons, and missionary stories taught during your children’s missions group is invaluable. Not only do children learn about our Savior, Jesus Christ, and His sacrifice on the cross for us, but they also learn the importance of sharing that news with others.

But did you know there is more you can do? Each missions organization offers a supplemental individual achievement plan alongside the weekly missions units. Do you lead Girls in Action? Check out GA Journey. What about Royal Ambassadors? See RA Trek. Did I forget Children in Action? Of course not—there’s Missions Expedition.

Why should you use individual achievement plans? It’s not because they fill time and provide fellowship. It’s not even because they are fun (which they are!). The individual achievement plans help children reinforce and live out the missions concepts they learn during regular sessions. It provides opportunities for children to deepen their missions discipleship and strengthen their faith.

As children progress through the levels of the individual achievement plans, they will choose the missions projects and activities they want to complete in order to earn their badges/patches. The experiences gained by completing these activities give children an incredible look into what it is like to live a missional lifestyle. Through these individual achievement plans, children will encounter hands-on missions education and spiritual growth as they serve in their community.

Need more convincing? With an individual achievement plan, children will:

  • grow closer to God.
  • actively live out the Great Commission.
  • come to understand their spiritual strengths.
  • learn the importance of giving.
  • get plugged in to their community and build relationships with people.
  • share their personal testimony along with the good news of the gospel.
  • contribute to national and international missions.
  • learn to pray without ceasing.
  • learn the Bible.

These are just a handful of the benefits that come with having an individual achievement plan for your children’s missions group. For more information, visit

Jessica Ingram served as the Children’s Resource Team intern this summer.


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