Spring Break Is Right Around the Corner!

It's winter now, but spring break is on its way! Got plans yet? I would think many of the families in your church already have plans for spring break and maybe even have trips planned. That makes this month the perfect time to go ahead and put missions projects into families' hands for them to do while on vacation.

Consider sharing these ideas with the families of your church. (Tip: You can post these individual suggestions in social media or share a link to this blog in your church or children's ministry newsletter.)

Ideas for family spring break missions:

  • Challenge your kids to map out your trip and identify ministry centers, women's shelters, hospitals, fire stations, and police stations along the way. Talk about people who are community helpers and identify people in your own community who help those in need. Purchase prepackaged snacks and deliver them to one of the community helpers your kids have identified as you are traveling through a new city or state. Let the person know God loves him or her and take time to pray for his or her prayer requests.
  • Contact the state WMU office of the state you will be visiting and ask them to put you in contact with a church planter in an area your family will visit. Reach out to the planter ahead of time and ask for prayer requests. If possible, schedule a time to visit with and work beside the planter in reaching out to the community.
  • Traveling by boat, train, or plane? Create small, prepackaged snack kits your kids can hand out to fellow travelers as you wait at gates or in lines. Consider having coloring sheets and crayons for your kids to share with other kids, also. Choose a snack that is gluten-free and nut-free to avoid most allergies.
  • Prayerwalk an area you are visiting and pray for the Christians already living and serving there. Pray for churches and community ministry centers as they impact people and families. Ask God to use them to reach people who do not know Christ. Pray for lost people to find Christians and Christian organizations to turn to as they seek truth. Pray that God would move in this community in a mighty way.

After the trip:

  • If you made contact with another Christian while on vacation, continue to reach out and encourage him or her over the next few months. Cards, texts, or phone calls can all serve as encouragement from your family.
  • If your family shared Jesus with someone while you were on your trip, continue to reach out and encourage him or her over the next few months. Often, people don't accept Christ the first or second time they are given the opportunity, so it's important to stay in contact, if possible, to continue the conversation.
  • Continue to pray for the ministries, churches, and Christians you met along the way. During a family prayertime, ask your kids to lead and share prayers from your trip. What is on their hearts about what you saw and experienced?
  • Start to plan your next trip based on what you learned and experienced during this trip. What ministry can you impact? What do you want to learn more about?

Challenging families to be on mission together helps both kids and adults realize just how easy it can be to share Jesus wherever we go. It's just one more avenue for kids to learn to live life on mission and to meet needs in Jesus' name.


Heather Keller is the GA and CA consultant at national WMU, mom to two boys, and enjoys crocheting. Her family loves to travel and will be visiting the Smoky Mountains this spring break where they will be sharing snacks and praying for local firemen at a fire station near their vacation spot.


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