Missionaries, Cookies, Kids, and Stickers

A few weeks ago, we learned about a missionary who bakes cookies and shares them with neighbors in an effort to eventually share the gospel with this new friend. Making cookies to become someone’s friend and eventually tell him or her about Jesus seemed like a very long process to my GAs.

“Why not just tell them that Jesus loves them?” one of my first-grade GAs asked.

This conversation led to a discussion about what it means to be a friend, why we do nice things for people, and how being nice to someone may make him or her want to be our friend.

We waded through a ton of comments and questions.

“I don’t have to give people cookies to be friends with them.”

“Does the missionary keep any of the cookies for herself?”

“Does she get to pick who she gives the cookies to?”

By the end of the discussion, I realized that my first-grade GAs were not going to fully understand this concept until they tried it for themselves.

Because I didn’t have cookies or the time to make them, I did the next best thing.

I got down my mom’s hand-me-down treasure box full of stickers, gave each girl a ziplock bag, and handed out an assortment of stickers. When each girl had plenty of stickers in her bag, I gave them these directions:

“Tomorrow, I want you to show this bag of stickers to your teacher. Ask her if you can give each person in your class a sticker. When your teacher finds time during the day, give everyone in your room a sticker, and then say, ‘God loves me and He loves you, too.’”

Hands went up all over my room.

“Mrs. Heather, will my teacher let me give out stickers?”

“What if I don’t have enough?”

“What if someone doesn’t like the sticker I gave them?”

“Do you think my teacher will want a sticker, too?”

“I’m so excited I get to tell my friends God loves them.”

Did you read that last comment? “I’m so excited I get to tell my friends God loves them.”

GA, I’m excited that you get to tell your friends about God, too.


Heather Keller is the national GA and CA consultant and mom of two boys. She loves small town life, being a GA leader, and seeing kids realize they can tell people about Jesus anywhere and everywhere.

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