Looking for Pen Pals?

Here’s a plan: Help another church start missions education, and you’ll always have a group to send letters to!

To find a church interested in starting a missions education class, inquire to see if your church, association, or state WMU office has a partnership with another state. Once you’ve found a partnership, contact that convention office and let them know that you’d like to find a church in their area that might be interested in starting a missions education organization. Ask them to help provide a church name and contact person for you to talk to about starting missions discipleship.

What’s next?

  • Using that state WMU or convention’s guidance, contact a church and discuss the value of missions education. (Think: Why do I love missions?)
  • Send your contact at the church a packet of information about WMUs missions education organizations. Include links to our website and Facebook page, pictures of your busy kids learning about and participating in missions, copies of missions education magazines, a craft made by your children, and more. You might even include a letter or video message from your kids!
  • Think ahead. Be prepared to sponsor a subscription to a missions education leader magazine if you are partnering with a church plant or small church that may not have the budget for curriculum.
  • Be prepared to answer questions, pray for this new group, and encourage them as they look for leaders and begin a group.

After you’ve helped start a new group, you’ll want to remain in contact with them as they grow. Offer to help the new leader plan lessons, share ideas over social media, or even plan to visit each other in person. Connect your children to the new missions education organization by becoming pen pals with each other. God can use this new group and your willingness to partner with them in a mighty way.

And, the best part of creating your own pen pal group is that there will be a new group of children in a different state or region learning what it means to live a missional lifestyle because you simply shared your passion for missions discipleship.

How exciting!


Heather Keller is the GA and CA consultant at national WMU. While she enjoys leading GA each week in her own church, she loves being a “boy mom."

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