Last Minute Lottie (Moon Christmas Offering) Ideas

Christmas is over, but the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering (LMCO) season is not! And, guess what? It's not too late for your GAs, RAs or CAs to help take up the offering through a fun project. Consider any of these projects as ways to continue a focus on this special offering and help your kids learn that it's always the right time to support missionaries.

  1. "Latte Moon Café"—Serve pastries, coffee, hot chocolate and juices between your morning small group meeting and worship service. Encourage kids to make signs, serve refreshments and share what they have learned about Lottie Moon as they help serve your congregation.
  2. Change Contest—Encourage your kids to see which group in the church can collect the most coins. Put an interesting spin on the collection by only collecting a certain coin (pennies, nickels, dimes or quarters) and counting everything else in each collection container as a negative amount. In other words, there might be $10.00 total in Bucket A, but if there is $9.49 in coins other than what was requested, Team A would only get credit for $0.51. (You should expect teams to sabotage each other . . . and raise more money this way!)
  3. Sweet Share—Ask families to bake cookies and send them to your next GA, RA or CA meeting. Evenly divide the cookies between platters or plates, wrap them with plastic wrap and let your church family know the platters are available for those who give to the offering. (Fun idea: Why not suggest that families share the cookies with their neighbors?)
  4. Envelopes—Give your congregation LMCO envelopes your kids have decorated. Leave a place for their names and write Lottie Moon Christmas Offering on the envelopes.
  5. Drum Roll, Please—Do you know your church LMCO goal and how much has been collected? During the month of January, ask your pastor or church staff if your kids can hold up signs during the announcements at the beginning of worship to show how much has been collected so far. To create some excitement, incorporate a drum roll and have kids reveal the amount by turning the numbers over.

However you wrap up this season of giving for international missions, remember that what we teach our kids today about giving will follow them for the rest of their lives. Make an effort to teach them that supporting international missions by giving to the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering helps keep missionaries on the field and sends additional missionaries every year to tell the world about God's love for us.


Heather Keller is the GA and CA consultant at national WMU and leads a younger GA group each week at her local church. Her GA group collected $219.00 during their annual "Latte Moon Café" this month.


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