Grow Your Group with Personal Invitations

As leaders, we are always looking for ways to encourage more children to come to our groups and events. This quarter, try some of these invitation ideas to reach out to children who aren't regularly attending your missions group meetings.

  • Candy-gram invitations get attention. Attach a cute tag to a candy bar or bag of candy with one of these fun sayings:

You were mint to be in GA (RA/CA)! (peppermint)
We Must Make you a GA (RA/CA)! (M&Ms candy)
We think you are Way cool and want you in GA (RA/CA)! (Milky Way candy bars)

  • Invite children who don't regularly attend your missions group meetings to special events by sending We've missed you invitations. Make it a habit to send these out a month in advance of your event to give your potential GA, RA, or CA time to find out more about your group and your activity.
  • Invite family members to come to a packing party or special event by sending invitations addressed to the entire family. Add pictures of families and a catchy phrase like From your family to theirs to get a family's attention.

Need more ideas for invitations?

Search for invitation ideas on Pinterest using a variety of search terms. Need help creating an invitation? Involve someone who is tech savvy or just has great handwriting but may not be involved with your organization. (If this partnership works great this time, get this person involved again soon!)

Whether you are looking to add more members or involve more families in missions projects, creating a fun digital or paper invitation can be the open door a family needs to know their child or entire family is wanted and needed in your organization!


by Heather Keller


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