Cooperative Program: Many Hands Make Light Work

Give each child in your group a few coins and show them a large bag of candy. Tell children how much the bag of candy costs. Ask if any one of them has enough coins to buy the bag. After asking this question, see how long it takes your children to realize that if they work together, they will have enough money to buy the bag of candy for your entire group to share.

While the Cooperative Program doesn't send churches bags of candy, our churches can work together to provide something for our world that is much better than a sweet treat—missionaries who will tell people about Jesus! Because most churches cannot support an individual missionary on the field, giving to missions through the Cooperative Program ensures that missions work will continue when we all work together.

As children realize they can work with friends to purchase a great treat for their group, they will begin to understand what our denomination can accomplish when we put our few coins together through the Cooperative Program.


by Heather Keller


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