"Fall"-ing for Friends

Looking for ways to involve children in hands-on service opportunities while also earning a new badge or patch? Fall is the perfect season for children to bridge generational gaps and minister to senior friends in your church or community. Lead children in one or more of the following activities and then present them with our newly redesigned Senior Friends Badge/Patch.

  • Host a special fall-themed event for senior adults in your church and community. Plan and creatively advertise the event. During the event, provide plenty of time for the children and senior adults to interact with each other. Organize several different carnival-type games and crafts. Serve fall-themed refreshments to your guests. You may also want to plan a short program that could include sharing missionary stories, reciting Bible verses, and singing favorite songs. Make simple gifts to share with your new senior friends as they leave the event.
  • Plan a visit to a local assisted living facility. Before going, decorate cards and assemble small treat bags to distribute. Plan to sing some favorite hymns and spend time visiting with the residents.
  • Offer to rake leaves or do simple housework for an elderly person in your church or community.
  • Plan a “front porch makeover” for an unchurched senior adult in your community. Offer to sweep and tidy the front porch area of his or her home. Make a fall wreath to hang on the front door and put down a new welcome mat. When finished, invite the person to join you for a glass of lemonade. Engage in some good conversation and storytelling. Share the love of Jesus with the senior friend and extend an invitation to join you for church.

Your possibilities for engaging children with senior adults in your church and community are endless. Sure, children will have a great new badge or patch to show for their efforts. But greater still, new friendships that span multiple generations will result!


Melissa Whetstone is the design editor for Girls in Action.

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