Put Your Socks Back On! A Quick Checklist for Mission Safety

I try not to think too hard about what a crazy, dangerous world it is. Otherwise, the responsibility of overseeing a group of elementary-age kids at church would scare my socks off! On the other hand, because it's a crazy, dangerous world out there, I need to put on my big girl socks and take a responsible look at the plans we have in place to ensure our kids' safety.

Want to take a look with me?

Safety at church

  • Do we have a worker screening policy? If so, have all our leaders been through required procedures and training?
  • Is our classroom safe? Do I know where to find a first aid kit? Where do we go in case of fire, storm, or other weather emergencies?
  • Do I have current contact and enrollment information for each child? Am I aware of allergies or other health issues?

Safety away from church

  • What's the church policy about transporting kids? Do drivers need special training or a special license?
  • Is there specific language we should be using in permission slips or medical releases when our children participate in missions projects outside the church?
  • Do we have a pool of reliable volunteers to provide extra supervision when we're away from church?

If you don't know the answers, check with your pastor, children's pastor, or administrative pastor. The result will be a safe and secure environment for the kids you teach.


G.G. Mathis teaches children at Forest Park Baptist Church in Joplin, Missouri. Her favorite teaching one-liner is: "Hey! I've got a game!"


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