I'm So Hungry!

Have you ever said the words, “I’m SO hungry”? For many people, hunger is a life-threatening issue. One in nine people worldwide do go to bed hungry every night. Malnutrition and hunger-related diseases are the cause of about 45% of deaths for children under 5 throughout the world. That means while you have been reading this, children have died because they were SO hungry.  

Although world hunger seems to be a monumental issue to tackle, there are ways we can help eliminate hunger locally and globally.

  1. Host a hunger awareness meal at your church.
  2. Make a photo collage of pictures of people from around the world. Display the collage in a prominent location in your church. Encourage your church to pray for those who are hungry and to pray for ways they can help end hunger.
  3. Collect cans to give to a local food pantry. Encourage your church to support a local food pantry monthly.
  4. Participate in a meal packaging event, such as Rise Against Hunger.
  5. Provide Bread Banks for Global Hunger Relief for each family to save spare change. Global Hunger Relief contributes 100% of its donations to help feed people who are SO hungry.
  6. Encourage families to eat a rice and beans meal that represents the existence meal of the majority of the world and to give the money they saved on food to Global Hunger Relief. 

Together we can help to end world hunger so no person and no child will go to bed saying, “I’m SO hungry!”


by Edith H. Fisher

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