Children's Missions Day: Some Last-Minute Tips

Children's Missions Day (CMD) is one of the best opportunities to prepare the next generation to reach people for Jesus Christ—and to show children what they are capable of accomplishing now! Remind children of these truths as you prepare and promote CMD in your church and association:

  • You can bring the message of Jesus to people who may not listen to adults. Often, adults may be more open to hearing the testimony of a child. Also, children tend to connect and listen to their peers tell about Jesus. So regardless of the age group, children often will find more openness among those they choose to share Christ with than an adult might experience.
  • Size and age do not matter! Everyone can serve, help, and share God's love with others. God uses our willingness and shows His glory in what sometimes looks like weakness. Serving others is about making God's name known, not about your size or age!
  • Your enthusiasm and smiles bring joy to downcast people. Many people do not hear kind words, receive a handshake, or have people help them regularly. Just your presence can make a huge difference in someone's day.
  • When we work together, we can achieve a lot. One person couldn't clean up a dirty roadside, sing songs for a nursing home, or bake cookies for first responders on their own. But when we work together, we have fun and reach goals.

Equip your group with confidence and inspiration to complete the CMD projects you've chosen. You never know whose life will change because of you!

Don't forget to check out our CMD resources, including free downloads.  

by Kristen White


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