Children's Missions Day: A Family Affair!

As a leader for children’s missions in your church, how can you encourage more parents to be supportive of Children’s Missions Day (CMD)? What if all children across North America shared the love of Jesus with others?

Think about these questions as you prepare for CMD:


Will the event be well supervised?

Ask for volunteers. Always have responsible helpers in case of an accident or a situation in which you will need assistance. Collect the names and contact information of parents. Require signed permission slips to take children off church property. Inquire about food allergies or other medical conditions that leaders need to know.

Are the activities developmentally appropriate?

Within your children’s missions group, leaders realize that all children are not at the same level of cognitive or physical ability. Knowing each child, modify or adapt activities where each child achieves a measure of success. Make each child feel special, unique, and loved by God.

Do the planned activities have a missions focus?

Yes, you want the children to have fun and enjoy being together. However, ask yourself: What are children learning about serving others while serving God? Engage children in loving people by visiting and singing songs with an elderly neighbor. Collect and deliver toiletries to a homeless shelter. Write thank-you notes to your church staff. Your choices should have a measurable impact on the people they serve.

This year, commit to making Children’s Missions Day a hands-on ministry for your church, community, association, or state.

by Carolyn Tomlin


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