Families on Mission: Fall Kickoff Event!

It’s that time of year when memories of summer are fading and school is back in session. As a leader of Girls in Action, Royal Ambassadors, or Children in Action, you feel drawn to this personal ministry. In this position, you want to reach families with children in this age group. Your goal is to reach one family at a time. Then they will bring their friends. And hopefully, others will come. How can you encourage these parents in GA, RA, or CA ministry? A Fall Kickoff is a great way to get kids excited about the upcoming year in GA, RA, and CA!

  • Be a visible supporter of community events where families with GAs, RAs, or CAs are present. Invite kids to attend your Fall Kickoff event.
  • Enlist a parent to use social media to announce your Fall Kickoff and other special GA, RA, or CA events throughout the year.
  • Invite the entire family to the Fall Kickoff. Do you have activities planned for different age groups that may attend? Will there be a nursery if babies or toddlers come with parents?
  • Choose a corner of the church parking lot for an outdoor Fall Kickoff. Place bales of straw around a grill or fire pit. Throw some quilts on top for seating. Ask everyone to dress in western-style clothing. Roast hot dogs and marshmallows. Assign food items if needed.
  • Provide name tags. Ask several parents to welcome those new families to the group. 
  • Ask 3 or 4 parents to informally tell how their kids benefit from being in GA, RA, or CA. 
  • Give out a copy of Family Mission Focus to reinforce missions learning at home. Add any information on special GA, RA, or CA projects for the coming weeks.
  • Close by holding hands around the fire pit. Lead in prayer for your missions group.


by Carolyn Tomlin

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