Your CMD 2018 Stories (Part 4)

We have more stories for you! Let's hear what children from across the country did for this year's Children's Missions Day to serve their communities.

“We collected money through Change Makes Sense program (offering for the Children in Action and Mission Friends programs) at our church on January 28 to fund our project. We purchased supplies for the project with this money. On February 14, all 17 children put together appreciation baskets for 8 local first responder agencies. On February 17, 9 of the children delivered the baskets to the 8 agencies and thanked them for their service to our community and encouraged them through prayers, love and support.” (For a glimpse of their baskets, see the photo to the right!)

— Jenna Bocock, for the Children in Action at First Baptist Church Ridgeway in Ridgeway, Virginia

“The boys and girls made cookies, bird feeders, Scripture bookmarks and painted rocks. Our gracious leaders provided a spaghetti lunch, after which we departed the church. We visited one of our shut-ins, where we sang and gave bookmarks and bird feeders. Next, we visited our fire station and thanked them for their service with cookies, Scripture cards and bird feeders. Then we sent a tray of cookies to Maxwell Elementary School staff with thanks for all they do.”

— Glenda Colburn, for the children at Gilgal Baptist Church in Duncanville, Alabama

“Our missions classes (GAs, RAs and Mission Friends) at Fairfield Baptist Church enjoyed participating in Children’s Mission’s Day. After bagging up muffins and praying for our project, we boarded our church bus and delivered the muffins — along with cards made by the children — to our local nursing homes and the nurses, saying, “Thank you for your services to our community.” We also made deliveries to the nurses at the hospital, the CMTs and our local police department. Singing and laughter caused for a noisy trip back to church, where the children enjoyed cookies and juice before being picked up by their parents.”

— Michelle Queen, for the GAs, RAs and Mission Friends at Fairfield Baptist Church in Duck River, Tennessee

“Our children made a sack lunch for the City of Killeen firefighters and EMS on duty. The children prepared the sandwiches and platters with the sandwich fixings, and they also made them personal cards thanking them for their service.”

— Barbara Broussard, for the children at First Baptist Church in Killeen, Texas

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