Ideas for Recognition Services

It’s time to recognize your kids! Need some ideas?

  • Travel Log—Have kids tell about the places they have “visited” this year, the people they have “met,” and the things they have accomplished. This will introduce your church to the missionaries kids have studied, educate the church on ways the gospel is shared, and inform the church how kids have learned to share. Use posters and projects from the past year to decorate. At the end, award kids with the badges and patches they have earned.
  • Missions Fair—Set up “expo” booths based on unit themes, region studies, or activities done. Open with awards for accomplishments. Then, have kids “man” the booths, explaining the things they have learned about or done throughout the year. 
  • Virtual Road Trip—Present the year’s study and activities as a virtual road trip. Use pictures/video of your kids learning about missions, sharing the gospel, and then going out to practice what they have learned. At the end of the presentation, award kids the badges they have earned.

Badges, patches, vests, and other items are available at to help make your event extra special. For more recognition tips and ideas, refer to GA Recognition: Tips and Ideas. Recognition certificates are also available for download at This leg of the road trip may be over, but your kids have just started their adventure!

by Gina Smith

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