Missions and Learning Styles: Full Body Missions

You may find that your missions group is full of children who cannot sit still. This may be a reflection of their learning styles. They may be kinesthetic or hands-on learners. These learners need to move, act out, and touch to experience and process new material. At a loss for how to keep them engaged? Put these suggestions into motion.

Stage a drama

Divide up your learners. While some children draw or retell the story to each other, let kinesthetic learners turn the Bible lesson into a skit. Or, let them pantomime the actions described about a missionary so their friends can guess whom from the lesson the actions represent.

Set it all to motions

Have children make up motions to represent the key phrases in the Bible verse and then teach the motions to the rest of the learners so they can improve their memory verse skills.

Puzzle it out

Cut missionary photos or memory verses into puzzles to use at the end of the unit or for extra activities children can manipulate as they arrive.

Make it concrete

Bring in real-life items to represent key ideas or features of the mission story, like pennies for an offering or streamers for block parties. Allow children to look at and explore the items before the lesson and make guesses about what they represent. After the lesson, ask children to revise their guesses and explain how the items were really connected. If possible, let everyone take home a memento as a prayer reminder.

by Jenice Pearson

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