Listen Up: Bringing Missions Home for the Auditory Learner

As you look at your GAs, RAs, and CAs, you will see a lot of differences. Children learn in different ways, and they interact with information in different ways. Many children learn best through hearing; they are auditory learners. What can you do in your weekly planning to help your kids really connect to the content? Try these ideas:

Become a master storyteller

Really make the stories your own. Consider adding voices or sound effects. (Kids can even provide these.) There are a lot of tips on storytelling, but start with a hook, use vivid details, and use a repetitive phrase to help listeners remember.

Use music

Children who are auditory learners often remember things better with music or chants. Find a song version of the memory verse to play while children are doing Opening activities or having a snack. Make up cheers or raps to go with key ideas from the mission story.

Record others

Ask other people to give testimonies about their connections to the particular ministry focus or the region where missionaries serve. Share the testimonies and let children guess who is talking or the area they are talking about.

Talk it out

Be sure to give auditory learners time to talk and ask questions. Auditory learners like to process information using the spoken word. When they are talking out loud about things, it may not be off task or disrespectful. Rather, they may be working through the new information. Get them involved in asking their own questions or leading a discussion team to summarize the mission story or Bible lesson.

by Jenice Pearson

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