Focus on the Positive

It is a new year in missions education for children. You are excited—until you encounter new challenges. Maybe you have fewer leaders, a new time frame, conflicting schedules, a smaller budget for resources, or new church leadership with new ideas. Whatever your challenge, God has called you to be a positive advocate for missions education, an optimistic voice among the negative Nancys and Nathans, and an upbeat leader in WMU.

But how? We must focus on the positive. Philippians 4:8 tells us to “think about these things”:

  • Whatever is true—Focus on your love for children and your desire to provide a great year of missions education for them.
  • Whatever is noble or excellent—Remember God has called you to lead children no matter the challenge and faithfully lay firm missions foundation in their lives.
  • Whatever is right—Keep in mind the positive things such as leaders who are in place, the time you do have, the resources and supplies provided, and ongoing missions education for children.
  • Whatever is pure—Provide pure missions education. Use this resource to provide consistent missions learning and missions projects for children.
  • Whatever is lovely—Create a positive environment where children love to come learn about missions.
  • Whatever is admirable—Include children in missions initiatives of the church such as prayerwalks or distributing prayer guides and missions offering envelopes.
  • If anything is excellent or praiseworthy—Above all, praise God, give thanks, and pray daily for this new year.

By Debby Akerman

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