Global Hunger Relief: Helping Children Respond

Each October, Southern Baptists work together to focus on Global Hunger Relief and respond to the issues of hunger in the United States and around the world. 100% of all gifts to the Global Hunger Relief offering go directly toward meeting hunger needs.

Here in the US, 1 out of every 6 people struggles with hunger. In sub-Saharan Africa, 1 out of every 4 people suffers from hunger. Worldwide, poor nutrition causes 45% of deaths of children under the age of 5.

Helping the children you lead understand Global Hunger Relief isn’t too difficult. You can begin by talking about some different food programs within their schools and community that help alleviate hunger. Tell children that a portion of the money received through the Global Hunger Relief offering supports after-school or backpack feeding programs for children.

Start a conversation with children about being hungry.

Being hungry is something everyone experiences from time to time. Discuss how hunger is different, explaining that people who face this problem are always hungry and never have enough to eat, which results in numerous issues.

Encourage children to give to the Global Hunger Relief offering.

Tell children that as they collect money for this offering, they are helping to feed people all over the world. The International Mission Board uses part of this money to feed people and tell them about Jesus. The North American Mission Board distributes money to state conventions and other organizations that, in turn, help fund food pantries, kitchens, and other feeding programs. Baptist Global Response also uses money from this offering to help supply people with food during a big disaster.

Challenge children in your missions organization to respond to hunger both locally and globally.

Children can have satisfaction in knowing they are fighting hunger in the world by participating in this offering.

By Rick Boyne

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