Moving Up to Children’s Missions

Moving up to the children's area at church is a big deal! This is the first transition from one age level to the next for preschoolers in your church. What can you do to make this a smooth transition for your Mission Friends who promote into GA, RA, or CA? Follow these tips and ideas for this transition time:

  • Know the names of children who promote into children's missions. Welcome children by preparing name tags ahead of time so they can see your name and the names of other children. Play a name game to help children learn names. Use names as you talk with children who have moved up.
  • Remember that children promoting into children's missions will not have the same reading and writing levels as others in your group. Use the "Younger" activities in GA Leader and the "Just for Prereaders" sections. In RA Leader, use the "Lads" activities and the "Just for Lads" sections. These activities use games and visuals without requiring high reading skills. Provide more time for children to complete activities that involve reading. With writing activities, give children the option to draw a picture rather than write the words.
  • Display posters of the motto, pledge, and Bible verses from the GA Promotion Pack, the RA Promotion Pack, or the CA Promotion Pack. Seeing the words each week will help children to learn and join in saying these more quickly.
  • Create "buddy" pairs in which an older child helps a younger child who is moving into GA, RA, or CA.
  • Help children who are moving into children's missions feel they are part of your group. Show them some of the fun things they will get to do as they grow in missions awareness and involvement.


Joye Smith serves as the preschool consultant at national WMU.


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