Tips for Enlisting Additional Co-leaders

We hear you. You have tried everything! You have prayed faithfully! Yet, again, you are in the midst of the year with too few co-leaders for children’s missions organizations.

In today’s postmodern culture, the quest for adequate leaders is more challenging than ever. It seems every moment of every day of church members’ lives are already filled with responsibilities for family, career, and church.

These 5 “Be” tips will help you develop an effective enlistment strategy.

Be always vocally positive about serving in missions education.

  • Tell stories of what kids are achieving in missions.
  • Emphasize the joy of serving, not the challenges.

Be on the co-leader lookout. Identify people who . . .

  • Assist with events for kids at church or missions events.
  • Have abilities that complement current leaders’ skills or fill a need.

Begin to plant seeds for co-leadership. Ask those identified to . . .

  • Assist at a kid’s missions event, such as Children’s Missions Day.
  • Help with once-a-month activities such as GA Journey, RA Trek, or Missions Expedition.

Be ready to enlist co-leaders.

  • Prepare packets of basic leader resources, co-leader responsibilities, and training event information.
  • Invite potential leaders to meet with you individually to discuss co-leading. Relate your observations of their abilities with children and interest in missions.

Be faithful to mentor to new co-leaders in WMU.

  • Provide a time for training and attend with new co-leaders.
  • Set times to meet with new co-leaders to encourage, resolve problems, and pray.


By Debby Akerman

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